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Monday, July 11, 2011


Here's how I usually do bread. Like my tuna salad post, this is another "duh" entry that is being posted simply because it may help someone. In some way.

Grab a baguette, or whatever crusty loaf of bread happens to be in the freezer/on the counter that week.

Cut some nice thick slices, 1-2 per person. From here, it can go a few different ways. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure!

A) butter both sides of bread or
B) drizzle with olive oil or
C) pour a puddle of oil into a plate and dip all sides of bread into it, including crust

Now season to taste. Or skip this step entirely. Up to you. Sometimes I do too. Other times I season with nothing but Kosher salt and fresh-ground pepper. Sometimes I use garlic powder. Sometimes I'll bother to cook garlic in the butter/oil I use on the bread first, which is really special. I take into account what I'm serving the bread with. There may be a seasoning combination to complement the meal (garlic bread with pasta), or there may be one to supply a flavor your meal may be lacking (sometimes a little honey drizzled over the top of finished bread does wonders to soothe a mouth-fire).

If I'm already using the oven to make dinner, I throw in the bread in the last 10 minutes or so. Sometimes directly on the oven rack, sometimes on a metal cooling rack set into a baking sheet (way easier). Let it heat through and crisp up a bit. Turn on the broiler at the end if you want it a bit more brown.

If the oven is not already on, sometimes I will throw the bread into my skillet and toast it over medium. Otherwise I broil it on low until it's heated through, tanned, and crispy on the outside.

I used to butter and broil sandwich bread, which isn't nearly the same. I believe it was Mark Bittman who opened my eyes to all the wonderful things you can always have "on hand" by utilizing your freezer. I have been cautioned that this dries bread out, but I have never noticed a difference in taste. I love pulling a loaf of frozen-solid French bread out of the freezer, easily slicing off a few pieces without squishing it, re-wrapping and sticking it back in the freezer for next time. Always having "good" bread on hand is one thing that did wonders for my cooking appetite!

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